India in colour

Namaste! I have landed again in this extraordinary country of vibrancy and colour, rich with ancient architecture, gentle people and mouth-watering food. Five months later I am recharged, full of energy and ready to embrace new India with eyes wide open and my senses alive.

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Arriving in Delhi during festival time is like being catapulted into a heaving stadium at the world cup with no is totally insane. London feels like a sleepy town in comparison. I seem to have spent most of my first week sitting in rickshaws, watching while the traffic piles up and chokes the roads and waiting..sometimes hours for the circus of people, animals and vehicles to subside. As I later realised, the Delhi metro is the only way to move around and makes our London underground seem completely vintage. Modern, fully air conditioned, spotlessly clean and incredibly cheap – it is the one redeeming feature that makes city life just that little bit easier.

Anyway here’s a glimpse of my encounters around the city and all its many faces…

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So after exploring every corner of Delhi, rummaging through mountains of fabrics, meeting suppliers and drinking endless cups of sweet tea, I nipped off to Jaipur in search of some Rajasthani treasure and came across these master craftsmen working at the back of their house. They are one of the few remaining families in the old city still producing Lahariya tie dye in the traditional way. What a joy to witness them at work – every stage of the process is done by hand from mixing the dyes to tying the cloth and drying it in the sun.

P1070613P1070616P1070615P1070617P1070612And finally some of my favourite images of the beautiful Pink City…


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